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1 cup
Urad dal
1 cup
Yellow moong dal
1 cup
Sour buttermilk
3 cups
Green chillies – crushed fine
Ginger grated fine
¼ tsp
Baking soda
½ tsp
2 tbsp
Red chilli powder
2 to 3 pinches
Coriander – finely chopped
½ tbsp
to taste 

Mix the rice and dal, wash, drain and dry on a clean cloth for a few hours. The grain should be completely. Grind to a coarse flour in dry grinder or at the flour mill. This flour should be like very fine soji in texture. Store in airtight container and use as required. Will keep good up to 2 months.

To make khaman, take 1 cup flour in a bowl. Add buttermilk, and mix well. Keep- aside for 4-5 hours. Dissolve baking soda in the oil. Add to batter. Mix all ingredients except red chilli powder and coriander. Pour immediately in a 6" diam. greased plate. Steam over water either in a cooker or steamer. Pierce knife, and check, should come out clean if done. Sprinkle the chilli powder and coriander, steam again for 2-3 minutes. Cut into squares or diamonds and serve hot with coconut chutney. Western India