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Khandavi (Gujarati Snack)


Besan or gram flour
1 cup
Butter milk
3 cups

Yoghurt + water – well blended
1 cup +2 cups
Ginger paste

Green chilli paste

Turmeric powder
¼ tsp
to taste 

For tempering:

3 tbsp
Mustard seeds
1 tbsp

Using a hand mixer, blend everything to a smooth texture. There should be no lumps of besan.

Add lots of ginger paste and vary green chilli paste according to your taste.

Take a 5 quart pan. Put it on medium high heat and add the contents of the mixer to it.

 Stir it continuously with a wooden spatula so that it does not stick. It will start getting thicker after 5-7 minutes.

Test by putting a ¼ spoonful of the mixture on a greased plate. Spread the mixture and after a minute or so, try to roll it like a log. If it rolls on, it is ready.

On a plastic sheet (I use a wooden dining table which is sprayed with non stick) spray non stick liberally. Spread the mixture in all directions to make a very thin layer (work fast). After it is cool to the touch, and gives a dried look (couple of minutes) put horizontal cuts in the mixture with a knife; make sections.

Start rolling each section like a log. Make equal sizes.

Make the tempering and put it on the cut pieces. Sprinkle some chopped cilantro and dried or fresh grated coconut.