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Kai Murukku (Hand-Twisted Murukku)


Rice flour
Roasted urad dhal flour
5 tbsp
5 tbsp
Cumin seeds
1 tbsp
to taste 
Cooking oil – for frying
1 kg

Mix rice flour, urad dhal flour, butter, cumin seeds and salt and form a dough.

Take a lump of dough in your fist and using the fingers to push the dough out, form a ropelike pattern, shaping it into a spiral at the same time - you can use a circular board of the desired size as guide. Make five circles for a small spiral and nine circles for a big spiral.

Each time you run out of dough, take another lump of dough and start again, connecting one end with the other to form a continuous spiral.

Deep-fry the spirals in a kuali of oil until golden brown on both sides.