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Kala Jamoon


Plain flour
65gms (1/8cup)
4 cups
Cardamom powder
½ tsp
Milk if required
½ tsp
Milk if required
1 tbsp
For deep frying

Make 1 string syrup of sugar and water. (refer basic recipe in sweets) Mash, grate or crumble khoya and paneer together. Add cardamom powder, flour and knead well till smooth. If too dry, add a little milk. Form a soft dough. Make small balls out of dough rolling lightly between palms. The balls should be half the size of pingpong balls. Heat ghee till slightly fuming. Cool for 3 minutes. Add some balls, and allow them to rise before putting back on heat. Fry on low heat, till dark from all over.

Drain and dip into syrup. Allow to soak till next batch is ready. Repeat till all dough is exhausted. Drain and transfer to serving dish.

Note:     Take care not to fry on high or the jamoons will stay undone from the center. If the jamoons are cracking, add some more milk. If soaking too much fat, add a little more flour. A little variation is bound since the khoya may not be uniform each time. Bengali Dish