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Jardaloo Bahar


Dry apricots
Vanilla essence
2 drops
Fresh cream – whipped
Saffron strands – dissolved in a little lukewarm milk
a few
Cherries – for garnish
a  few

Soak the apricots overnight for at least 12 hours in lukewarm water. De-stone the apricots and boil them in the same water on a low heat until the apricots are cooked. Add sugar and continue to cook until the apricots turn slightly dark in color and the mixture is thick. Add vanilla essence.

When the mixture is cool, pass it through a mincer or a blender, and finally pass it through a sieve to remove all the strands. Mix most of the whipped cream into the apricot mixture and blend well. Blend the dissolved saffron in the remaining whipped cream.

To serve, put a little apricot-cream mixture in a wine glass and pipe saffron-cream on top to stand up in peaks. Garnish with a cherry. Similarly prepare more servings with the remaining ingredients. Serve cold.