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Idli - 3


Raw rice
1 ½ cups

Idli semolina
1 ½
Peeled and broken black gram daal
1 cup
Oil or ghee
1 tbsp
to taste 

With raw rice:    Soak black gram dal and rice in water for 6 hours. Wash, add salt, grind until think and soft.

With idli semolina:     Made from boiled rice, this semolina gives you softer idlis. Soak gram dal and semolina separately for 6 hours. Wash gram dal. Add salt. grind. Squeeze out the water from the semolina. Add semolina to dal batter. Mix.

Allow dough to ferment for 6 hours. Stir. Add a little water to get the right consistency.

Put a film of oil or ghee on idli plates. fill with idli batter. Steam for 7 - 8 minutes. (Use 1 ½ cup water in pressure cooker. Do not use rocker).

Cool. Remove.