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Makki Ka Chivda


Flakes of corn (for frying)
1 cup
1 tbsp
½ tbsp
Cashewnuts broken bits
½ tbsp
Thin coconut silver
½ tbsp
Curry leaves
1 stalk
Red chilli powder
½ tsp
Turmeric powder
¼ tsp
Citric acid powdered
4 to 5 pinches
Sugar powdered
½ tsp
to taste 
Khuskhus seeds
¼ tsp
to deep fry

Heat oil in frying pan.

Add some flakes at a time, and fry till whitish.

Drain, put on kitchen paper to soak excess oil.

Repeat for all flakes, transfer to a large plate.

Fry peanuts, cashews, coconut to golden brown, drain.

Add to fried corn flakes.

Fry raisins, curry leaves, add to corn flakes.

Sprinkle all other ingredients over flakes.

Toss gently to mix well.

Cool completely before storing in airtight glass jar.

Serve as munchies, for picnics, tv shows, etc.