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Kerala Cabbage Thoran


Chopped cabbage
3 cups
Turmeric powder
½ tsp
Cumin seeds
½ tsp
Green chillies – seeds – sliced

Fresh coconut – grated
½ cup
Garlic cloves
Small onion (optional)
Urad dal
1 tsp
Mustard seeds
½ tsp
1 tsp
to taste 

Chop the onion. Heat the oil on medium heat and add the mustard seeds. When they pop, add the urad dal and curry leaves. Then add the onions and saute‚ till browned. Now add the cabbage, turmeric powder and salt. Stir for a while, lower the heat and cook covered for five minutes. Crush the garlic and cumin seeds and add to the cabbage along with the green chillies and the coconut. Stir for a few more minutes and remove from heat.