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Kerala Aviyal - 1


Green chilies
Cumin seeds
1 tsp
Turmeric powder
½ tsp
Raw coconut – shredded
½ cup
1 tsp
3 tbsp
Lemon juice
1 tbsp
Diced raw mango
1/3 cup
Freshly curry leaves or pre-soaked dry curry leaves

Mixed vegetables  
5 cups

The vegetables can include:      kumbalanga, kathirikka, padavallanga or padaval, muringakka, raw plantain, carrots, Japanese or any variety long eggplant, long beans or French beans, cucumber, potatoes, zucchini, other kinds of squash. If using plantain or raw banana, cut into long strips (2 inches x half inch x .25 inches approx.) and mix with some yogurt (2 tablespoons) and keep aside for 10 minutes. Rinse well before boiling. If using canned drumsticks, add only at the very end. Also reduce the salt you add.

Boil the veggies with water (say ½ cup), salt and turmeric powder. When boiling add very little water if the veggies you add are rich in water (cucumber, kumbalanga etc.) Add the sliced green chillies to the boiling vegetables if you don't like it too hot. Else blend it with the coconut. Add the veggies that take longer to cook like plantain first, then beans etc. Meanwhile, blend the coconut to a smooth or semi-smooth paste with the green chillies or half the green chillies, and cumin. When the veggies are almost cooked, add this blended paste and curry leaves cook for a few minutes. Finally add the yogurt/lime juice/raw mango and mix it in. You can season with mustard seeds if you wish but I prefer not to add any more oil (the coconut has enough of it).

Serve the above with rice, pappadums and plantain chips.