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Gol Gappa Or Pani Poori


Gol gappa (pani poori)
Black chickpeas
Steamed bean sprouts – optional (lentils should just begin to sprout)
Boiled potatoes – coarsely mashed
Mint leaves
1 bunch
Coriander leaves
½ bunch
to taste 
Chilli powder
¼ tsp
Pani poori masala
6 tbsp
Mint chutney

Tamarind chutney

Gol gappa can be bought from Indian supermarkets or chaat shops in bags ready to be filled. It is very tedious to make them at home, as they need to be fully puffed up.

If pani poori masala is not available, mix ¼ tsp chilli powder, 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp kala namak, 1 tbsp tamarind pulp and a pinch of salt.

Grind the mint and coriander leaves into a paste. Mix pani poori masala in 2 liters of cold water. Add mint and coriander paste and the ice cubes.

Wash chick peas and soak overnight. Next day, boil in a pan or pressure cook with water and salt until soft. Drain and keep aside.

Add salt, chilli powder to the potatoes and mix in the chick peas and the bean sprouts, if using.

Make a hole on one side in each gol gappa, and fill it with a teaspoon of the potato mixture. Top with a little mint and tamarind chutney.

To eat, dip each gol gappa into the prepared water and eat.

For a party, place the filled gol gappas on a serving dish. Serve the prepared water in a large container. The guests would pour the water into individual serving bowls, dip the gol gappas and eat.